It doesn’t matter if you spend a minute or an hour doing your makeup — at the end of the day, it all has to come off. Because as annoying as it can be to remove, sleeping in your makeup can lead to premature aging and breakouts. Cleansing balm are best options to make the process a little less painful. This style of cleanser usually features a solid formula that turns into a liquid upon contact with fingertips and skin. It’s weird at first, but you’ll soon love how easy it is to apply, and you’ll really love how quickly makeup dissolves and rinses off. It’s best to still follow up with a cleanser to remove every trace of debris from the day, but cleansing balms are an amazing alternative to face wipes that work just as quickly. They’ve made it realistic to keep up with a double-cleansing routine. Here are some of the best options worth giving a try.